Roatrip stories: eating vietnamese noodles in the bathroom

The story of this image went like this: we are on a cheap campside in the middle pf berlin, but we don’t have any electricity at our tents. The only power sources are the plugs for the hairdryer in the bathroom. So we were sitting theor to charge our phones and stuff around midnight and I got hungry. Luckily I still had half of my noodle box that I bought in the city earlier :)

Roadtrip Stories: Naked Man!

We’re about to leave my aunts house to go to BERLIN. Dania inside the kitchen, drinking her breakfast coffee and I was sitting in the garden smoking a cigarette. She was shouting some random bullshit in Italian when suddenly in the neighbor’s garden appeared a half naked man to clean the windows, but she didn’t see him. So I let her go on for a while, trying not to loose my shit, before I asked her to step outside for a second. Her face was priceless when she realized him :D

Good thing that here in Germany nearly no one understands Italian. Ignorant little effers… ;)

But the thing that worries me a bit: 3 years ago my aunts neighbors were like an old couple. This half naked Adonis looked like 30. Rejuvenation potion? New neighbors? The old neighbor’s kids? Just some window cleaner? Burglars?

Roadtrip Stories: Naked Cousins?

We said goodnight and goodbye to my cousin and went to our guest room. Then my travel mate Dania has the glory idea to take a picture because we forgot to do that the last days. So we went back upstairs but had no idea in which room my cousin was, but the bathroom door was closed. I whispered to Dania that I think she’s in the bathroom and I heard a whisper from the bathroom “Cep?”
Seconds later my cousin came out only with a towel wrapped around her body because she wanted to take a shower before going to bed.
So the situation was:
My cousin wrapped in a towel and with a confused look on her face. My friend who babbles something in more or less English, embarrassed looking at the camera in her hand. Everyone else already in bed around us with the doors open. And then there is me, just staying there in shock and trying to explain the situation and to stop my friend from talking.
Because my friend was rambling in her beautiful italian-english: “Sorry, we thought to take picture with you, because tomorrow we won’t see you anymore. You know, for the memory of this. But not THIS now. With clothes is better. So if you want later to take picture with us downstairs. With clothes if you want. We are down for it.”

Eventually we did it ;)